Lật Mặt: Ba Chàng Khuyết

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Following the success of the previous two, Turn Faces: Three Guys with Disorder gathered the three most popular on the big screen today: Huy Khanh, Kieu Minh Tuan and Song Luan. In the movie, Huy Khánh will play a young man named Duc with a three-right personality, an aphorism to "a lot of things". Already familiar with the comedic, lovely roles, Huy Khanh's character promises to bring uninterrupted laughter to the audience. As for the playboy of Em Yet 18, Kieu Minh Tuan will play the role of Loc, a stubborn and impatient personality. Meanwhile, "handsome 6 pack" Song Luan will play the role of Tam, a gentle, open and always willing to help people ... 

Lật Mặt: Ba Chàng Khuyết

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