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The Season of Write Love Song tells the story of the love of music by young musician Bao Trung, known as the bright face of Vietnamese music industry. Because of running after the music market, Bao Trung accidentally lost his inspiration to compose music and made serious mistakes. It is Bao Trung's friend who unmasked him as a "plagiarist" instead of being called a "hit maker". While being too stalemate and suffering from too much pressure from the public, Bao Trung spent everything to go to Mui Ne beach and found his fierce cousin Hai Meo (Hoang Phi). The escape became more troublesome and also "more interesting" when Bao Trung encountered the lovelorn girl Li Lam (Phan Ngan).Not only meeting Hai Meo and Li Lam, Bao Trung has experienced many new things with new friends in this coastal area.

Mùa Viết Tình Ca

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