Vú Em Tập Sự

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Bui Van Hai 

: Trung Mau

Babysitter The comedy project - the action that marks the first combination of "the king of martial arts film" Johnny Tri Nguyen and the national face of Le Khanh. Recently, the work has launched the first trailer with a funny poster teaser. Only with a duration of more than 2 minutes, the trailer has revealed a funny, thrilling journey plot and thrilling action scenes. In particular, the trailer impressed with the appearance of "cute cheese stick" of a lovely kid in that reluctant adventure. The film has the participation of actors: Johnny Tri Nguyen, Le Khanh, Be Bo, Tien Luat, Kha Nhu, Dai Nghia, Dieu Nhi, Hieu Nguyen, and Long Trai Trai ..

Vú Em Tập Sự

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